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The Scouting Way: Inspirational stories for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, and Pack/Troop Leaders
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Reader Comments

I can't thank you enough for developing this website. I am a first time den leader (since August) who wasn't immediately trained, and has faced frustration at every turn in being a den leader- from handling the boys, keeping them interested, and parental lack of involvement. I was ready to turn in my shirt May 10th after our last meeting and tell the cubmaster that I'm not prepared to handle this responsibility.

You've changed all that. Your website has far more help in it that any of the 6 others I've investigated. Thank you. I really DO want to continue in scouting for my boys (2 sons) and now that I even have the heads up on Tigers, I'm willing to do more with these little munchkins, as well as my wolfs.

Thank you so much for taking the S T I N G out of SCOUTING.

Nora Holzwart
Appleton, WI

I am a Webelos Den Leader, den leader coach and Cub Scout trainer. I am sooooo happy to have found Scouting Way. I will use these stories in my den and pass them on to others.

My son used to love the part of Boys Life where they talked about famous scouts and then they cut it out. He really misses it. The first thing he would do is open it up read the cartoon and tell me and all his friends at school how this or that cool person was/is a scout. This will help to fill that void. It is so important for kids to have good role models, so thank you for helping to provide that.

Janis Tipton-King
Pack 153
San Francisco, CA

Thank you for a great idea! Now in my 10th year of Scouting, second troop (my first troop moved on to college), I find the girls love stories all the way through. I will be using inspirational stories that my girls can relate to at my troop meetings for sure.

Joan Lowe
Girl Scout Leader, Adult Trainer
Havertown, Pennsylvania

I have been receiving your Scouting Way newsletter since Issue #4, and enjoy it immensely. Thanks so much for your wonderful efforts for the youth of America!

Deb Morrow
Public Relations Chair for Kaskaskia District
Murphysboro, MO

Thank you for sharing your creation with me. The hard work of you, your wife, and all others that helped in making the newsletter a success will inspire many Scouters and Scouters to be. I congratulate and commend you for this Good Turn. I will share this with my colleagues and fellow Scouters.

Sonya Hermanson
BSA District Executive
Baltimore, Maryland

I am going to recommend it to my whole troop. It is so cool that you and you wife did this.

Geremy Gibson
Eagle Scout
Woodland Park, Colorado

I have subscribed and have given subscriptions to other Girl Scout leaders in my area and I know they will enjoy it too!

Kathy Baier
Birmingham, Alabama

What a great thing you have done with this newsletter. I am so happy you have contacted us. My son has been involved in scouting for about five years. My husband was very involved but passed away a year and a half ago.

As you can imagine, scouting has become a more important element in my son's life than ever before. I am so thankful for all the adult volunteers that are such great role models. I applaud your effort with this one more great way to influence kids in a positive way. Thanks,

Sandi Marasco
Troop 337
Temecula, California

Your newsletter stories are inspiring. Thank you for your effort in making the world a better place!

Cyndi Olsen
Pack 450
Antioch, California

Everyone I have talked to that I sent a subscription to the Scouting Way has been very well satisfied. Our Wolf Den Leader told me last night that he used part of one of them at his den meeting last night.

Pack/Troop 540
Madison, North Carolina

As a Cubmaster and Asst. Scoutmaster and father of three boys, I often feel like I'm in a one man battle against those who would rather have our sons grow up to be 'politically-correct' than 'morally-correct'. It's great to see organizations like yours that bring the values of Scouting to the forefront and give people the help they need to spread the positive impact that Scouting has on our youth.

Tom Lawrence
Cubmaster, Pack 119
Union, New Jersey

"Thanks" and "Hats off to you and your wife" for creating this newsletter. It is so nice and makes me happy to know that there are truly still great people in this world that hold true the morals and truth that we must teach our children.


I think what you are doing with The Scouting Way is WONDERFUL!! I have added a link to your website on our Boy Scout Troop site.

Dave Burrier
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 946
Hamilton, Ohio

I think this helps boy and parents realize that Scouting DOES and WILL make a difference in their son's lives, even though they may not see it as it is happening.

Karen Buchanan
Cubmaster, Pack 270
Greenwood, South Carolina

This is a fantastic way for youth and adults alike to learn how Scouting can improve their lives!

Ed Brierley
Scouts Canada

I love what you are doing. I am going to subscribe right now. Thanks for realizing the after-Eagle part of scout's lives.

Chris Young
Canal Fulton, Ohio

Thank you for this information I think it is great what you are doing.

Craig Lizotte

I think this is an excellent way to foster Scouting, especially in the light of recent attacks on the Boy Scouts.

Will O. Wood
Eagle Scout, Asst. District Commissioner
Plano, Texas

Thank You so much for allowing our troop to subscribe. I think your newsletter is wonderful. I can see that it is definitely going to be a hit.

Debbie McCarter
Troop 246
Knoxville, Tennessee

Thanks for what you're doing!

Wesley A. Fryer
Lubbock, Texas

I love your newsletter. Thanks for a great job.

Mickie Farris

Thank you for that beautiful, uplifting story by Tom Jones. I will pass this on to my Scouts in Pack 395.

Monica Canestaro-Darby
Austin, Texas

I really like your newsletter. Keep up the good work!

Mark Habermeyer
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Thanks for the website that you e-mailed me on the Scouting Way newsletter!! The newsletter is great, thanks again.

William Jacobs
Pensacola, Florida

I love what you guys are doing. We have such a huge need in our community for all the positive PR we can generate.

Rodger Sorro
BSA District Executive
Santa Barbara, California

I just wanted to let you guys know that I love your site and your newsletters are great! As a parent and leader, we need pick-me-ups every now and then; this site is so inspirational. I just completed my first web site for our Cub Scout Summer Day Camp and your site was one of my first links. May God continue to bless you as you grow and inspire others.

Deann Floyd
New Bern, North Carolina

I have had many of our Scout families say how much they enjoy getting the newsletter every week. It has really helped our boys (and families) to see that Scouting is not just another activity, but a way of life.

Rebecca Treviņo
Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you for the job you do. It is important that we understand the impact Scouting has. Your "Scouting Way" provides some important facts to help us all do our job.

Doug Nunnally


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